Jonathan Majors is the most fascinating man in Hollywood (and it's not close)

Jonathan Majors has risen to fame in Hollywood with his impressive portfolio of critically acclaimed roles in movies and TV shows such as Loki, The Last Black Man in San Francisco, Da 5 Bloods, Lovecraft Country, and Devotion.

Majors has had a slow-burn rise to fame, but in 2023, he has reached full-blown celebrity status with highly praised roles as Killian Maddox in Magazine Dreams, Kang The Conquerer in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, and Dame Anderson in Creed III.

Majors is fascinating and among the most thoughtful actors in Hollywood, with an impressive range of talents that include acting, writing poetry, and being introspective.

His process to embody characters, such as Ensign Jesse Brown in Devotion and Dame Anderson in Creed III, is a collaborative effort with the director, where they spend time talking about the heart and the feeling behind the character.

Majors channeled personal experience to play Dame Anderson, who seeks a fresh start in the boxing ring after getting out of prison, by drawing from his own troubled youth.

He is open about what makes him tick, such as crying often, falling in love daily, and having tips for executing a flawless breakup.

Majors is surprisingly humble and not impressed with himself despite his recent critical and commercial success.

He does not have a social media presence and will not watch his own movies.

Majors always carries around a mug, which symbolizes his mother's advice to protect himself growing up, and a portable speaker, which inspired Michael B. Jordan to use Nipsey Hussle songs as his character's walk-in music in Creed III.