Michael Shannon Praises Zack Snyder, Reflects on Man of Steel's Legacy

Michael Shannon, who played General Zod in "Man of Steel," praised the movie's director Zack Snyder during an interview with Looper.

Shannon said that he loved making "Man of Steel" and working with Snyder.

He also expressed confusion over the return of his character and the concept of the multiverse in superhero films.

Despite starring in superhero movies, Shannon admitted that he is not a huge consumer of the genre.

Shannon made an effort to get back into the character of Zod for "The Flash," but noted that the character is a little different in the film.

"The Flash" leans heavily into "Man of Steel," which was the first appearance of Henry Cavill as Superman.

"Man of Steel" received mixed reviews for its gloomy and cynical presentation that went against the optimistic mood of its trailer.

The creative decision to have Superman kill General Zod by snapping his neck upset longtime Superman fans and even writers of the Superman comics like Mark Waid.

Shannon's return as General Zod in "The Flash" will revisit the legacy of "Man of Steel" and Snyder's contributions to the DC movie universe.