'Outer Banks' Season 3: Rafe Is the Best, Most Unhinged Character

Drew Starkey's portrayal of Rafe is the best character in "Outer Banks."

Rafe was introduced as a wealthy Kook with resentment towards his sister, Sarah.

Rafe's drug addiction worsens in season 1, leading to physical altercations with the Pogues.

Rafe takes a full plunge into villainy when he murders Sheriff Peterkin.

Starkey delivers a world-class acting job in season 2 and 3, showing Rafe's descent into darkness and his inner demons.

In season 3, Rafe demonstrates his business savvy ways by beating the leads to the punch in hijacking Denmark Tanny's cross from Ward and burning it down for its deposits.

Rafe's change in attitude is reflected in his wardrobe and calculated decision-making.

Rafe's need for his father's approval and Sarah's love plays a major part in his story.

Rafe is a strong antagonist whose character development adds depth to "Outer Banks."