Sam Raimi Horror Movie May Be Getting A Sequel, Story In Development

Sam Raimi has hinted at a potential sequel to his 2009 horror film, Drag Me to Hell.

The original movie followed a young banker cursed by an old woman and haunted by a demon.

Raimi confirmed that a story is currently being developed by Ghost House Pictures' Romel Adam and Jose Canas.

The filmmaker is "anxious to hear" if they can "come up with a story that would work."

The film's notorious ending, which saw the protagonist dragged to Hell, could make a sequel challenging.

The lead actress, Alison Lohman, retired from acting in 2009, which could also pose a challenge to a sequel.

A potential sequel could follow the boyfriend of Lohman's character, played by Justin Long.

Long recently starred in the hit horror movie, Barbarian, and could be a bankable name for a sequel.

If Raimi were to direct the sequel, it could be a success.

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