The White Lotus: Why Shane Isn't Arrested For Armond's Murder

The first season of The White Lotus saw the growing animosity between Shane and Armond come to a head, leading to Armond's murder.

Shane blamed hotel manager Armond for every disappointment he encountered during his honeymoon and sought to get him fired for perceived slights.

Armond grew more hostile towards Shane's demands and sought to ruin his vacation.

After being fired, a drug-fueled Armond snuck into Shane and Rachel’s room and defecated, he was caught by a surprised Shane who hastily stabbed him.

Armond's death was clearly an accident and Shane is not a murderer.

When Shane realized who he had stabbed, he even apologized to Armond then raced to call for help.

The fact Shane legitimately thought he was protecting himself would have saved him from prosecution.

The ending of season 1 concluded with Shane watching a coffin loaded into the belly of the plane he was departing on, with Armond inside.

The show's theme of people of privilege ignoring the world around them is exemplified by the controversial ending, with the most despicable character getting everything.