True Lies Show Fixes So Much Of The Movie's Problems

The "True Lies" show has made significant changes from the 1994 movie, which is good.

The film starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis as lead roles, drew a big audience, and was packed with high-intensity action.

The show has connections to the movie, and there have been complaints that it’s not as good as the film.

Network TV shows don't get the typical movie budget, and the movie had problematic storylines.

The show makes Helen an actual spy, which is much better than having her dance almost naked for a stranger.

Helen is vital in preventing a terrorist attack in True Lies season 1, episode 2.

The show modernizes the film's problematic parts, making Helen more empowered and responding healthily to the situation.

The show is more of a spy procedural than the film.If fans want action like the 1994 film, they can watch "Red Notice" because it feels like "True Lies."